Kriya yoga meditation brings us beyond the physical perceptions of our sense organs. We become free from our day to day worries, emotions and thoughts.

The technique of Kriya Yoga exists of several physical, breathing and concentration exercises, that transform our life energy.  By meditating regularly, we can experience Cosmic Light, Sound and Vibration, a deep calmness, clarity of mind and concentration. It will enable you to penetrate into the deepest layers of your consciousness.

The after effect of the meditation will leave you with the experience of deep inner peace. As a result, your actions in daily life will be more balanced, effective and more in harmony with the Cosmos.

When this technique is practiced sincerely, it will lead to mastery over your emotions and actions. It will bring peace and balance in your life.

Kri means action, Ya means the Soul and Yoga means Union. Kriya yoga means that you perceive the Essence of the Soul – the power of the Divine – in every action.