By practicing Kriya Yoga, we have direct, divine experience — of divine light, divine sound, and the movement (pendulum) sensation of the living power of God. We become established in God consciousness.

It is very simple, it is easy to perform, and it produces quick results. With the help of the Kriya Yoga technique, aspirants perceive the triple divine qualities of the soul. By concentrating on these divine qualities, they overcome, all the obstacles of the deep-rooted mental impressions; as a result, they become established in divine consciousness.

Kriya Yoga is a scientific technique. Kriya practice annihilates all the unusual and unreasonable elemental propensities ever-present in the spiritual centers of the human body (chakras). It awakens and restores equilibrium. It enables us to dispel delusion and ignorance and discover the divinity within. This process quickens realization of the Formless within the form and frame of the body. It is an independent spiritual discipline, sufficient for achieving the highest good.

Kriya Yoga is a Universal discipline and a scientific spiritual practice, free from all dogmas and presuppositions. It, therefore, does not conflict with any sect or religion. It is is a very effective shortcut technique to God-realization. It is the easiest and surest highway to the divine kingdom — the grand road to God-realization.

From the principles of Karma Yoga, Kriya Yoga teaches that all action, kri, is done by the indwelling soul, ya. Continuous awareness of the power of the indwelling soul can transform all activity into worship. Awareness that the soul must inhale every breath leads to mind control and liberation. The Kriya technique emphasizes the relationship between breath and mind. The breath influences the mind and vice-versa. This reciprocal relationship reveals the secret of controlling the mind: “Breath control is self-control. Breath mastery is self-mastery.

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