Kriya Yoga Ireland Ltd. is a Company registered in Ireland in March 2022. The Company has been set up 1) promote and advance the study and practice of Kriya Yoga to improve and uplift the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of sincere seekers of all faiths and beliefs who are thirsting for spiritual knowledge and 2) to provide relief to those who are sick or suffering. The company is run by volunteers.

The company is associated with Prajnana Mission in India and Kriya Yoga Institute USA

We are delighted to announce our latest Kriya Initiation Weekend with Yogacharya Claudia Cremers below:

Kriya Yoga Initiation Weekend

Glencairn Abbey, Lismore, Co Waterford 10-12th March 2023

Yogacharya Claudia Cremers

We are delighted to organise a Kriya Yoga Initiation weekend on Friday  10th to Sunday 12th March.


Friday 10th March,  Glencairn Abbey, Lismore, Waterford

20:00   Introductory Lecture Glencairn Abbey

Saturday 11th March, Glencairn Abbey

08.45   Registration in Glencairn Abbey
09.00   Initiation into Kriya Yoga and Fire Ceremony
12.00    Meditation
16.00    Explanation of technique
17.00    Meditation

Sunday 12th March, Glencairn Abbey

07:30    2nd Kriya Meditation (For people initiated into the 2nd Kriya technique only) 
10:15    Repetition of technique, Q&A-Class, followed by Meditation
12:45    Break for Lunch
15:00    Class (Stories of the Masters) 
16:00    Meditation
17:00    Programme end 

– Only initiated persons are allowed to attend the Kriya Yoga Meditations
– All initiates can chose to attend only individual specific parts of the programme.- New initiates should participate for at least three meditations in order to reinforce their meditation technique.

Following offerings you need for initiation
* Five fruits – representing the fruits of all our actions (the causal body)
* Five flowers – representing the five senses (the astral body)
* Donation of € 150 – representing the gross body (the physical body)

Costs (Not for new initiates)
The seminars in Ireland are funded by donations/contributions and organised by volunteers
Sat and Sun    
€30 per day                        
€15 per half day

Glencairn onsite Accommodation (limited availability)
€140 for 2 nights including 3 meals per day. All attending without onsite accommodation please bring your own healthy packed lunch.

Please bring a blanket/yoga mat, a cushion and socks with you. We also recommend loose and comfortable clothing.
Kindly arrive 30 minutes before initiation starts and 15 minutes before each meditation class.Remember to switch off your mobile during the program.

To confirm your attendance, booking of accommodation or you require any further information please contact us at:

We look forward to welcoming you soon.
The Kriya Yoga Team

Venue Details

St Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn

St Mary’s Abbey
Co. Waterford
P51 X725,

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